About Windmoor

Dedicated to the professional and character development of college men since 1960

Windmoor helps college students acquire the habits of a good professional. It teaches them to seek excellence in their work, to use their professional expertise in the service of others, and to see their work in the larger context of a flourishing life.


Windmoor’s programs are inspired by a Christian spirit which views the world as good, sees work as fulfillment of man’s nature, and emphasizes service towards one’s neighbor. The Christian orientation of Windmoor’s programs is entrusted to Opus Dei, a Prelature of the Catholic Church.

Marks of a true professional…


Excellence in Work and Life

Excellence in work means attaining a high degree of professional expertise. Excellence in life means acquiring and exercising this expertise in a way compatible with one’s commitments to family, friends, and community. A student’s college years are the time best suited to begin harmonizing the demands of work with living a fulfilling life. Windmoor helps students find this harmony in their life and work.


Trust and Service

Professional expertise achieves its highest meaning when it is primarily motivated by service, which is to seek the good of others. The best professionals earn the trust of their colleagues and clients because they are first concerned about what is good for them. Windmoor aims to instill this spirit of service so that students may become professionals worthy of trust.


Innovation and Progress

Dedicated professionals contribute effectively to progress in their fields. They develop new and better ways of working to achieve good results for their clients and for the community. Their definition of “good results” is informed by their commitment to the highest ethical standards. Windmoor helps students aspire to advance their profession through innovation and to understand and respect the ethical dimensions of this progress.



The best professionals seek the good of others, starting with their families. In their lives, everything they achieve comes full circle with their families as a starting and ending point. Windmoor aims to help students become professionals who are profoundly dedicated to the service of their families and communities.

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