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for university students

The Next Step Focus Seminar

The Next Step


The Next Step is a seminar series designed to help college men become dedicated professionals who thrive in life and advance their profession as a service to persons and society.


Through a combination of seminars and mentoring opportunities in a forum with professors and professionals, The Next Step helps college men put into practice basic principles that have profound consequences in both college and their career.


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Speaker Series


Join us at Windmoor Study Center for dinner and engaging conversation in an informal setting about some of today’s most important issues. Our guest speakers are experts, accomplished academics, and professionals.


The Speaker Series seeks to expose students from a variety of academic backgrounds to important cultural and professional topics, encouraging them to reflect on life’s big questions; to come to a mature understanding of cultural trends; and to appreciate advances being made in arts and science.


Guest speakers include university professors, professionals such as businessmen, doctors, etc., and students working on interesting projects.


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Windmoor Speaker Series

movie projector

Windmoor Film Forum


The Windmoor Film Forum is an initiative of student residents of Windmoor. The students’ goal is to promote thought and discussion regarding “what a film is really about.” Because films are constructed “worlds” modeled off of the “world” shared by the filmmaker and his audience, many films have a deep subtext in which they grapple with a variety of ethical and spiritual questions that are salient to the modern individual. The ability to watch films in this way affords us new opportunities for talking on a deeper level with family and friends.


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Service Opportunities


Windmoor promotes various service opportunities to assist the socially and culturally underprivileged, which have ranged widely over the last 55 years from counseling Chicago’s inner city youth, to building houses in Ecuador, to teaching English in various foreign countries. These service opportunities aim to help participants expand their hearts and grow in generosity and concern for the needs of others.


Windmoor residents traditionally conceive of and promote these service projects to be held during school breaks. Windmoor also provides access to those who are interested to other service projects being performed all over the world.


Windmoor promotes a summer inner city mentoring program at Midtown Center in Chicago. Recently Windmoor has sponsored a service project to Ecuador.


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Windmoor Service Projects



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