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Windmoor is dedicated to forming future professional men committed to loving society, family, and God 

Our mission statement explained: 


Men of Commitment

Commitments develop one’s character. They produce positive changes in one's life, yielding greater trustworthiness and confidence. This is why Windmoor presents life’s commitments not as limitations to one’s freedom, but a beautiful way to exercise it. Our activities seek to cultivate men capable of making commitments to their colleagues, families, friends, and God.


These commitments require men who are free from a self-centered outlook on the world. This is why Windmoor aims to help each young man develop a strong character, possessing all the virtues required to serve and lead others.


Loving Society


We put a special emphasis on leadership, helping young men understand that it consists in serving others and having the courage to guide them to do what is right. Society needs this service-oriented leadership on many levels, especially in the professional world.


Professionalism is therefore about developing a serious commitment to doing one's work well in service to society,  not about cultivating disingenuous or superficial airs. Windmoor offers professional mentoring aimed at helping students both to master the practical elements of working well and to understand how that work fits into a life of service and love.


In order to have a positive impact on society, one must have a rigorous habit of study and commitment to the truth. That is, one must be intellectually well-formed. Furthermore, having a well-formed intellect requires a genuine interest in and love for culture. This is why Windmoor offers a wide variety of activities specifically aimed at helping young men positively engage with the world of arts and ideas.


Friendship is necessary for happiness and the good life. True friendship takes a real commitment in both time and effort. Windmoor creates an environment that facilitates friendship, in part by offering activities centered around service. These include service trips and visits to the poor.


Loving Family

The family is the foundation of society. A healthy and loving family means a healthy and loving society. This is why we seek to form young men into family men who appreciate both the weight of the commitments made in family life along with the responsibility they have for their families. At Windmoor we aim to help college men—especially our residents—learn how to make family life a serene and joyful experience.


Loving God

The most important friendship a man can form is with God. It is only through our commitment to struggle daily to grow in love of God that we can truly commit ourselves to loving society and our families. Through the concrete advice we provide in our classes, activities, and mentoring we encourage each young man to commit himself to the joyful struggle of developing a friendship with God.

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