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What is the Windmoor Leadership Forum?

The Windmoor Leadership Forum meets on the first Saturday of each month during the academic year. Developed primarily for freshmen, the Forum helps students understand how they can make the best use of their years in college. Topics include study skills, friendship, professionalism, etc.


University years are the time to grow in knowledge and to prepare for one's future profession.  The way one lives these years will affect not only one's academic and professional success, but also one's ability to integrate work and life, to follow the highest ethical standards, and to serve others through one's profession.


The Windmoor Leadership Forum is a seminar series designed to help college men become dedicated professionals who thrive in life and advance their profession as a service to persons and society.

About the Forum

A successful and fulfilling college experience goes far beyond a high GPA. It involves developing excellent work and study habits, building deep and lasting friendships, and pursuing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities outside the classroom. The Windmoor Leadership Forum will help you:​

  • Develop effective study habits

  • Dream big for your career

  • Put into place key habits for reaching your goals

  • Build deep friendships with peers and professors

A key element of the Forum is one-on-one mentoring. Participants will be paired with a mentor, and have the opportunity to discuss goals and professional development on a more individual basis.

Format and Times
First Saturdays of the month
From 11 AM to

Lunch will be provided

For More Information

Contact Craig Iffland


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